Crabby - Tired and Crabby

The Dude's test came back positive.  He has whooping cough.  Now the entire family is on antibiotics.  Neither Shana, Maria, nor I have any symptoms - but they gave us all prescriptions. 

They haven't officially quarantined us - but seem to advise staying away from too many people.  That's helpful.  If everyone possibly exposed to whooping cough should stay home popping antibiotics for 5 days, the state will soon come to a stand-still.

But I'm just crabby - didn't sleep well at all last night.  Lots of cramping in legs - NOT a symptom of whooping cough.  Maybe it's my new running routine - I ran both Friday and Sunday.  Or maybe it's the damn Statin drug I'm on for cholesterol. 

Who knows - just crabby - tired and crabby.


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