Where’s the Gluten?

I’ve been asked to contribute to our friend Judy’s blog. Judy runs Cooqi - maker of gluten free products. They want to add some other voices to their blog - folks taking about lifestyle, diet, and nutrition, etc. Seems the Hobbled Wife thinks my holier than thou attitude about food – spurred on by attempts to lower my cholesterol (specifically high triglycerides) might have an audience outside the home.

For the record, that’s chicken, onions, red pepper, orange pepper and broccoli stirred up in bacon grease (yes – I’m using left-over bacon grease – great flavor!). Of course, it’s sprinkled with parmesan cheese which has already melted. I served it over a lettuce, spinach mix (Costco).

Maria brought her egg bagel to the dining room to join Shana and me. She asked, “Why are you guys having stir-fry for breakfast?”

“It’s 11:45 am, this is our lunch,” was our reply.


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