It's a tradition to spend Memorial Day at "the Lake" - the Crosson compound on West McDonald.  It's a bit different this year.  Maria is not here.  She's spending the weekend with a friend's family.  She's at that age when a friend's family is much more interesting than her own.

The trip to the cabin this year set a record.  Thanks to awful traffic (road construction) we topped 5 hours, clocking a new official record of 5 hours and 10 minutes.  That's crazy of course - it's only 200 miles.  Highway 10, one-lane from Big Lake to Clearwater - it's a killer.  Next time we take a different route.

This afternoon, John and I ran to Perham for provisions - when I snapped this picture of John alongside the railroad tracks - near the Tuffy's pet food factory.  We were sent to fetch drinking water, ice cream, frozen pizzas, and peanut butter.  Despite that shopping list, we are eating quite well.  We had chili last night, and pork roast tonight.  The frozen pizzas are intended to stock the freezer for those spur-of-the-moment parties that cry out for frozen pizza.  The ice cream - well, you know.

Speaking of "Tradition!" - the kids and I were cast in the Rosetown Playhouse production of Fiddler on the Roof.  John and I are villagers, which despite its anonymity will be fun as there are 8 all-cast song/dance numbers.  Maria has been cast as a Russian soldier.  I think she's also a villager as well.


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