The Gravel Pit

The Dude and I are on rock-collecting jag this weekend. After exhausting the possibilities on Lonnie's Park Road yesterday, we set off this afternoon for what I call "The Gravel Pit."

The Gravel Pit is located just outside the edge of the farm property. It's over a quarter of a mile back to what once was a gravel pit. At one point the road back was paved - sort of an oil and tar deal. At the pit itself you can see the remnants of an asphalt parking lot or working surface. It's all overgrown now. All that remains is the large sand/gravel pile.

The Dude scampered up the pile - he's much more nimble than I am. Within minutes we spotted a snake (dead) and a lizard (live) along with several caterpillars. The rows of holes along the top are nests hollowed out by swallows.

As much fun as it is to climb - or try to climb up - it's more fun to climb around the back and reach the top, then leap over the top, surfing down as you go. I was a mere observer to that activity, but it sure looked like fun.

On the way out I snapped this photo - an old fence post.


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