Cheryl's Cabin

Monday morning seems like Friday afternoon, as I slog through Friday’s email today.

I left early on Friday for a doctor’s appointment to investigate a lingering cough and now sinus infection that’s been dogging me since Philadelphia. The antibiotics are fighting the germs valiantly, though I’m not sure who will win. Still feel pretty worn down.

We celebrated Shana’s old friends with our annual weekend at “Cheryl’s cabin” where there is no wi-fi so no temptation to bring laptop and try to keep up. That’s good as it was very relaxing – but now I’m living my Friday afternoon on Monday morning. I’m not sure when I’ll find time to fit in Monday morning.

It was a great weekend: beautiful weather, and lots of fun in the water. The “grown-ups” (6 of us) are always amazed at how well the kids (8 of them) get along. They only see each other once or twice a year but they get right back into the groove when we get there – as if it hadn’t been 6 or 12 months since our last get-together.

The gang - ranging in age from 8 to (almost) 15. Next year we may have another driver in our midst.


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