Pioneer Press Strikes Again

You know the old saying, “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Well what is the proper response to “Fool me three times” ?

It seems every couple years we run into trouble with the good old St. Paul Pioneer Press. For a history of our house-holds challenges with the old St. Paul paper, click here, here, and here.

Here’s the latest.

A few weeks ago, the paper had representatives at the local Rainbow Foods offering subscriptions to the paper. If you signed up they provided you a $10 gift card for Rainbow. Shana signed us up.

We received our first paper on a Thursday and enjoyed a few days of the Pioneer Press along with the Star Tribune. [Are we the only people who subscribe to two newspapers? Most of our neighbors don’t even receive one.]

But the following Monday, no paper. Believe it or not we were too busy to call – and we figured maybe because we are new customers the delivery person was confused – for whatever reason we did not report the delivery problem right away.

Now into the third week or so of Thursday through Sunday delivery, I finally broke down and called. I went through the phone tree – entering phone numbers and address number – but “it” kept saying their records indicated we were not to receive a paper today. After trying all our phone numbers and getting no-where, I decided to “zero out” and talk to a live person.

Guess what – we only signed up for a Thursday through Sunday subscription!?! What the !! I called Shana – and even though we don’t have any paper work from the transaction – she is pretty certain she was told she was getting the entire week – but no, it’s only that special 4 day sub.

I’ve heard of Monday through Friday delivery, and Saturday/Sunday, even Sunday-only subs to newspapers – but Thursday through Sunday? What’s the point?

Should have suspected something would go wrong – we are dealing with the Pioneer Press after all.


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