Major Update

The family has been following closely the drama surrounding Major - the Roseville Police dog who is the partner of Officer John Jorgensen (married to my cousin Heather).

In attempt to stop a rash of thefts from vehicles, Maplewood Police had set up a trap of sorts. Roseville's finest, inlcuding John and Major were there as well. According to the StarTribune:

About 5 a.m. near English Street and Hwy. 36, a "bait car" inside the fenced-in lot at Truck Utilities set off an alert through the police broadcast system.

Police quickly arrested two suspects, while Major was unleashed by Officer John Jorgensen and joined in the search of the property for accomplices.

Soon after, officers "heard the dog yip," said Maplewood Deputy Chief Dave Kvam, "not as if it had made an apprehension, but as if it had been hurt."

After several minutes, Major, a seven-year veteran with the Roseville police force, was located and taken to the veterinarian medical center.

The crowbar was recovered at the scene.

Nice video at the link - the Vet said Major had a complete blood and plasma transfusion because he was hemorraging so badly.

Major and John sure keep busy. I posted about their most recent action in July. I first posted a story about them in 2008.

We continue to hope for the best.


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