John and Major

I’ve posted about Officer John Jorgenson and his K9 partner, Major before. John is married to my cousin Heather. It’s been interesting few years for John. After being shot in the line of duty last year, he and Major recently had an amazing encounter with a suspect.

It’s a great story – fascinating writing for a little weekly. Here is a highlight:

Watery struggle

As Jorgenson peered from the brushy bank, he could see Major swim northwest along a peninsula stretching into the lake. The dog then clambered out and raced along the shoreline, trying to find Eberhardt. Jorgenson reported he again shouted a warning but didn't receive a response.

Major, the report notes, then hit the water again and swam north along the shoreline. He was out of Jorgenson's view when the officer heard him make contact with Eberhardt. Jorgenson then moved along the shoreline and saw Major had a grip on Eberhardt's arm. Still, Eberhardt moved out into deeper water and continued to ignore Jorgenson's commands to come to shore.

At this point, Eberhardt took hold of Major's collar and held his head and body underwater in what the report said was an "obvious attempt to drown him." The report adds both Major and Eberhardt went under water for more than five seconds. Jorgenson then entered the water and pointed his weapon at Eberhardt.

The report says after he pulled his weapon, Jorgenson ordered Eberhardt to stop fighting with the dog; this order was also ignored.

The report noted Eberhardt continued swearing at Major and Jorgenson feared "the suspect was going to kill my K9 partner."

Read the whole story – it turns out OK in the end.


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