Major and John

Thank goodness the City of Roseville has decided to provide updates on Major's condition, as the story has slipped from the local news scene after this weekend's snow storm and Vikings loss.

Major's Health Update Monday, Nov15--U of M VMC

Major is doing GREAT! We took out his IV catheter, and he is eating well, very alert and happy. He enjoys seeing everyone, especially his partner, John.

Major still has no movement in his hind legs, but today we are going to start working with our rehabilitation technician to get him back on his feet. We will fit him with a “walk-about”, which support his hind end as we walk him around. He is very strong on his front legs, so this will help him to be more mobile. We will also do some work with a stability ball. As soon as his wounds heal, we can start with underwater treadmill therapy and other physical therapy.

Major continues to eat and drink with enthusiasm, and his antibiotics and pain medication are now administered by mouth, no more IV’s! His progress is amazing, GO MAJOR!!

Major is receiving excellent care, love and lots of attention at the University of Minnesota Veterinary Center.


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