Free Time

[Yeah - back on the walking path again.]

Amazing what life is like after Oliver! Both the kids and I are in withdrawal, uncertain of what to do with our free time. One thing I’ve been doing: catching up on sleep – sometimes getting as much 7 or 8 hours a night! What do you know; tired and crabby is not my normal state! Every day it gets easier to enjoy the new found freedom.

Twice this week the kids and I (and a friend) visited the local community center for open swim hour. That was fun – felt good to exercise my shoulder muscles – I’ve been having a bit of a re-lapse of back pain – related somehow to last winter’s fractured vertebrae – and jumping off the stage on the opening night of Oliver! As we like to say around the family, “You’re not 15 anymore!”

But now work looms large in my life. Without the all consuming extracurricular activity to keep me pre-occupied, I have to buckle-down and focus on work. I’m still crazy busy. The new person I hired has been whisked away to work on another big project. Good for her (and us in general) but that leaves me where I was a few weeks ago – working a large product launch by myself.

Found time yesterday to hit the walking path. It goes without saying but I need to do that more often. Snapped the two photos – the top one with some sort of purple flower (I should know what it is) and this monarch caterpillar on a milkweed plant.


crossons said…
That purple flower is a cone flower...

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