A Sucker No More

Shortly after posting my ode to a stray cat, M called on my BlackBerry. No one ever calls my BlackBerry during the day, so it's usually a wrong number - or bad news.

M reported that while she and Shana were attempting to load the little kitty into the kennel/cat-carrier, the little fiend (the cat - not M) attacked Shana. Shana was bit several times on her hands, wrists, and forearms.

The vet's appointment was off - though a trip to the Doctor for Shana was on. I came home to help with the logistics and post school event pick-ups and drop offs that Shana couldn't handle. (Thanks to H and Jake for driving M around to choir events!)

On our way to the human doctor, we were able to run the little devil past the vet's. Though we had missed our scheduled appointment they did scan it - no microchip. That means no easily identifiable owner - and no record of shots.

On to the doctor where we spent a considerable amount of time discussing RABIES. The doctor put Shana on an anti-biotic and checked to find out her tetanus shots were up-to-date.

As for the cat - after consulting with doctor and vet (again), we agreed to quarantine the cat for 10 days. If the cat shows symptoms of rabies, then we treat Shana - if not, all's well.

Cat is now quarantined in our garage in a large dog kennel - one of Duke's. There he will stay with food, blankets, and litter box for 10 days. When I went to feed him tonight, he put up quite a fit - meowing and hissing. I put on some leather garden gloves and slipped the food in. Now that I'm on the lookout for rabies, I'm imagining the worse in his behavior - hopefully he's just freaked out about the events of this afternoon.

Next time I see a stray kitten, I will just walk on by.


Lisa said…
Holy crap, John! You both need a vacation! I hope things settle down for you, and fast.

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