Birthdays, Oliver, and that Cat

I apologize for the sorry state of blogging lately. There’s a pattern to my blogging – I blog mainly during the good times, the happy times. Unlike other bloggers who pour out their hearts – or vitriol – I tend to take the Minnesota/Scandinavian approach and keep my troubles to myself.

That might not be the best approach I realize. It would relieve a lot of stress and perhaps hasten the return of the happy blogger, if I let loose from time to time. It might also generate some funny stories about Corporate America – as that tends to be the source of most of my woe.

So, I’m still here. This blog limps along.

Today things finally slowed down enough that I arrived at a meeting on time – actually early. Don’t recall the last time I sat alone in a room for 3 minutes.


Yesterday was the Dude’s 10th birthday. We had a small celebration with Boppa (Jake). Grandmama as at home feeling under the weather. Keeping with my rather poor mood I neglected to snap any photos for the blog. I’ll be sure to take pics at his upcoming party with his friends – May 1.

Tomorrow is Shana's birthday - the celebrations never stop!


Upcoming stuff – the kids are quite keen on trying out for the Rosetown Playhouse’s summer production of Oliver. They would like me to audition as well. I get nervous just reading about the audition:

• Come prepared to sing one song of your choice, a cappella
(preferably not a song from Oliver or a pop song)

• Perform a reading from the script, alone or with a partner
(reading provided at your audition)

• Perform a short dance routine (taught to you at your audition)

It would be like last summer with the three of us in the show. That was lots of fun, but very time consuming. This year my work schedule may cut into some rehearsals and I would have a major trade show for 3 to 4 days wedged between the two performance weekends. In the end, I suppose I’ll do it. After watching the Christmas show, I really missed not doing it.


The stray cat continues his quarantine - only a few more days to go and absolutely no sign of rabies - just boredom. Shana is back from her conference and is healing nicely - though her forearms and wrists still look kind of creepy.

That is all - for now.


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