"Stop Thief- oh and you kids over there - duck!"

Oh - in addition to cat trouble, M had an eventful day at school.

According to the StarTribune:

A Roseville school went into lockdown mode Wednesday morning when the owner of a liquor store across the street shot at a pair of robbers as they fled with stolen cash.
. . .

The men fled with what Vang [the store owner] said was a significant amount of cash, but Vang followed them outside and fired several rounds from a handgun as they drove away in an Oldsmobile Cutlass.

OK - taking matters into his own hands - nothing like a little self-help - but to fire at the fleeing car, he also fired in the direction of the school. Luckily for bystanders, he actually nailed the car a number of times.

Shana leaves tomorrow for a conference in Denver. Let's hope the excitement is over!


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