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That's National Institute of Mental Health - just learned that today while doing a little research about Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH.

Exciting news from the Hobbled Household: M will play the lead in her school’s musical production of Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH. She has been in so many plays and musicals over the years, and is quite elated to have the lead. It will be one more thing to add to her busy schedule, but I know she will have a great time.

I’m not familiar with the book – or series - so I’ll have to read quickly to get up to speed with this deal.

Several sources point to this interesting bit of trivia – the changing of Mrs. Frisby to Mrs. Brisby for the 1982 movie, The Secret of NIMH.

The lead character's name was changed from Mrs. Frisby (in the novel) to Mrs. Brisby to avoid legal entanglements from the Wham-O company (makers of the Frisbee). Unfortunately this change came late in the film's production, long after the actors had recorded their dialog. Because it was not feasible to have every actor using the word "Frisby" in the movie re-record his or her lines, the change from "Frisby" to "Brisby" was actually made by the sound editors, who, by hand, carefully sliced the "br" (taken from other words spoken by the actors) into the "fr" on the magnetic dialog tracks.

Wired’s GeekDad has a nice review of the book.

I'll post more as the rehearsals get underway.


amy said…
Congrats Miss M!!!!!!!
julienj said…
That's great news! And I *loved* this book when I was a kid. Haven't read it in years, but A enjoyed it when he read it recently.

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