Damn Dog

First big mistake of the morning – thinking of myself before the dog.

Breakfast was over, and we both had to “go”. Usually I take the dog outside, then take myself inside – so to speak. Today I said, “No, me first, then you – it’s no fun hopping around on one leg outside while you do your business – though it does keep me warm on a frosty morn.”

You can probably see where this is leading.

What amazed me was that he waited until I had my coat on and was walking towards the sliding glass doors off the family room before lifting his leg and peeing all over the door-mat and little bucket where we store the leashes and other dog stuff.

Those who know Duke know that once he starts – he doesn’t stop. In addition, he’s not the kind of dog to take little pees – marking here and there. No, he waits, and goes once per walk – and it takes the old guy about 30 seconds. This was one of the long ones and as I stood there with the back door open yelling and swearing, he just stared at me – and peed.


amy said…
You need to see the movie Marley and Me, My dog has broken BACK inside the house from the garage to 'do her thing' on the family room carpet to let us know she's mad at us for 'not putting her first'...aaaaauuuugggggghhhhh

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