Duke Lost? Ask Duke

Duke now has an internal compass system – at least until he poops it out.

Duke accompanied me while I dropped M off at GVE (aka Girl’s Vocal Ensemble – a 7 member subset of the Church Choir.) GVE meets Monday nights from 4:30 – 6:00. Since it was a beautiful day, I figured Duke and I could walk along Summit Avenue, then I’d put Duke into the car, pop into the store for milk, and be back in plenty of time to pick up M.

I swear I was in the store about 9 minutes tops – I come out and Duke had eaten a compass. I forgot it was in the back seat. It was my compass from when I was kid – and the Dude had been playing with it and left it in the car.

The compass used to look like this.

What was left looked like this.

I think the face was real glass – pretty thin, but I don’t think it was plastic. The little metal handle thing is long gone too.

M joked, “Did he swallow a magnet? We could stick him to the fridge.”


Lisa said…
Seriously, Duke makes Marley look like an easy dog...thanks Duke!

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