Getting Better

The Hobbled Wife had a nice chat with the asst-principal at M's school. We feel better. We know we did the right thing. For the record, M's teacher did read the entire article - word-for-word. Sheesh!

If M survives 4th grade with her self-esteem intact, it will be due in large part to the great support she receives from her friends - and the school social worker. M has a wonderful group of girlfriends in her class. They really watch out for each other. My own personal feeling is that M's teacher sees these girls as some sort of "gang" of young hoodlum. Interesting then that today the asst-principal commented on how great this particular group of girls was.


amy said…
Interestingly, in the future Miss M may look back at her experiences with that teacher and realize that she learned coping skills from it (glad she's got that group of friends! Probably a stronger group of friends for having to put up with that teacher). As you know we can't protect our kids (or ourselves) from jerks in this world, we can just learn how to not let them get us down. Glad you got your point across to the admin. Any plans on throwing this teacher a retirement party? Ha!

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