Busy Guy

Been very busy at work, and home these past few days. Haven't had much time to blog - let alone read other blogs!

Leaving Friday AM for "The Cabin" - first trip up this year. It will also be the first trip without the H&J - the Hobbled In-Laws. Don't worry, we will be just fine up there "all alone". We know what to do, as this recent email from the Hobbled Wife shows:

OK, I'm on the phone with Jake who is giving me instructions for the cabin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let's see....
How to turn on the pump, how start the water heater, turn on the heaters, check the sand point, pull the sheets off the window, turn on the fireplace, where the key is EXACTLY. Plus, in case I'm not able to remember all this, there are written instructions on the table.


amy said…
ummm....a whole week without a post? ARe you still at the cabin?

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