Write a Sentence Using the Word . . .

As the Hobbled Wife and I were saying, just as no child should be left behind, then no child should be kept behind either- - so we take matters into our own hands. The kids visit a private tutor once a week. They both love Karen and she really challenges the Dude, and helps M feel good about "school work".

So today the Dude was working on sentences with Karen. He had to write sentences using certain words.

Sank - Karen sank in quick sand. [Hmm - thought he liked Karen.]

Born - Isick was born on 3/13/06. [Forgive the spelling Isaac.]

Neck - My Mom is a pain in the neck. [What can I say?]


amy said…
I think I-man forgives Dude for the misspelling...but he better get his b-day correct! Ha! And I'm not sure his mother (the pain in the neck!) is going to forgive him!!! THat is hilarious. Check out the newsweek article on how stressful first grade has become: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/14638573/site/newsweek/

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