They're Back!! - the 80s

[Photo credit: Sartorialist]

This is all happening way too fast. I'm almost embarassed to admit that I've become quite fond of the 1970s trend in fashion - - on others not me. But this look takes things too far - - it's the 1980s all over again. I could/would never wear shorts like that -- though now that I think of it my father-in-law has always worn shorts like that. He's very fashion-forward.

Admission of web browsing guilt. I stumbled on the Sartorialist while looking for NYC stuff prior to an earlier business trip. Now I'm addicted - though slightly scared of the way the 1980's are creeping (and it is creepy) back into NYC fashion.


amy said…
you mean this isn't a picture of you back in the day?
amy said…
This isn't a picture of you, Hobbled, back in the day?
John G. said…
Scary isn't it - - I had that entire outfit - even the same darn shoes and those goofy little socks. Yuck!
Cate Ross said…
Surely, back in the day, you wore your collar up in back, right? That was the deal back then, after all.

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