Six Years Ago Tonight

Six years ago tonight we barely made it to the hospital. Where do I start - most of you have heard the story in one form or another.

Some things I’ll never forget: We arrived at the hospital at 9:05, and the Dude was born about 9:10; we drove about 5 miles thru South Minneapolis without really stopping at stop signs or red lights, and no one got hurt; there was no gurney or wheelchair in the lobby of the hospital (like on TV) and no one to assist us—just one little old woman who shouted “Good Luck” as S and I waddled by; we made it from 1st to 4th floor on the notoriously slow hospital elevators without stopping at floors 2 or 3; the Dude was “crowning” when the midwife and I “tipped” S into the hospital bed; the nurse wheeled in “the cart” with all the necessary birthing supplies after the Dude was born and lying on S’s stomach; we got those little identifying wrist bracelets about 15 minutes after the birth.

I still shudder, but at least I can laugh as well.


Anonymous said…
I remember it well! John was a very calm driver, considering the circumstances. And in his chivalry to find a wheelchair (I wonder why hospital shows always show that-- I NEVER could have used it!) he abandoned me at the car! I wonder what that lady thought in the lobby... I almost sent John back down to tell her! - signed, Hobbled Wife

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