Saturday, September 24, 2005

Busy Day

Rainy, dampish Saturday. The Hobbled Wife and Daughter accompanied Mattie (Susanna's) daughter to her swimming lessons, and then back here for lunch and play before M (our M) went off to Sleeping Beauty practice. They practice twice a week for two hours each time. She really likes it.

I spent the morning at the library, and the afternoon in the garage engaged in some sort of fall clean-up. Assembled one of those metal shelves that are always on sale at Home Depot. You get what you pay for. This is probably the fourth one I've assembled, and I always get something wrong, requiring me to take it back a few steps and re-assemble. In the end, a little order has been added to my cluttered life.

Dude and I dined together at Andy's Garage. Shana was not feeling well, and M wanted to play with her dolls, or go to Perkins (again!).

Everyone (but the HR) in bed early. Need a little alone with Patricia Walden and the PM Yoga - everything kind of aches from wrestling with the garage mess.

Susanna update - - she must be feeling GREAT. She called Shana this evening from her hospital bed. Everyone is amazed by her strength and determination. Go Susanna.

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