Birthday Blogging

Big week - the Dude turned 5 yesterday, and S turns 40 tomorrow. When I told a co-worker that my wife turned 40 this week he said, "I didn't know you married an older woman."

It's nice being the boss - gotta love the suck-ups.

Birthday a big success. Grandma-ma brought brats, beans, and potato salad so we had the first official cook-out of the season. Finished it off with one of those Dairy Queen ice cream cakes. It's amazing how easy it is to transition back into the Bills Beach Diet.

Dude received a Recorder from H & J. He loves it. He even slept with it last night. All the way to school he played it. He is working on his "patter-ins" or patterns to the rest of you. Dude is in a weekly music class - "Pied Pipers". They are learning patterns - - long, long, short, etc. All the way to school: Tooooot, Tooooot, toot. To liven things up I challenged him to try to long, short, short. He nailed it.


Sue A said…
I always knew he had talent. How fun to be five and excited about everything! Sorry we missed the big day - items are in the mail for both days of celebration!

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