"Have a Beautiful Day"

Here's the Dude and I waiting for his costume fitting in the many-mirrored fitting room of the costume shop at the Minnesota Opera Center.  He's one of the Knaben in the Minnesota Opera production of The Magic Flute.  It's very exciting for him - and the whole family.

How exciting is it to get your name on the cast list, and to have your own mail box at the Opera Center?  Just wait til he gets his back-stage Ordway pass.  It will be a crazy next few weeks.

We made it downtown in time for the fitting and found a place on a meter right outside the Opera Center.  I put a quarter in the meter - nothing happened.  It still showed "EXPIRED".  We decided to risk it, and went upstairs for the fitting.

We got out 20 minutes later to find the "meter maid" (aka Minneapolis Parking Enforcement Official) parked behind my car in the process of writing a parking ticket.  I went up to her vehicle, and greeted her.

"Is that your car?" she asked.  

"Yes," I said. "I put a quarter in the meter but nothing happened."

"Then have a beautiful day," she replied.  No ticket.

I think I will.


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