Bleak, Bright Spring

Here's a photo from the walking path taken today around noon.  It's getting warmer but when you look up at the trees, spring seems a long way off.   Of course it helps that half the trees in this photo are dead - the ones in back.  They died when what was once woods flooded to create a small swamp alongside the walking path.  Anyway - no trees are budding yet.

Today I learned the value of patience, of waiting - and perhaps even delay.  Without getting into the boring details I can sum the situation up like this:  Yesterday's crisis resulted in a quick untested fix that ended up breaking stuff we hadn't ancipated.  We spent most of today rolling back the changes and scrambling to set things right.

We're not done yet - but almost there.

Twenty-four hours later - countless person hours of work - and we are back where we started before we attempted to "fix" the problem.

My advice for the next crisis:  Stop, think, better yet, delay.


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