Wake Up

Last night I spent part of the night down stairs on the couch, not because Shana had kicked me out of bed, but for reasons related to the dog. 

Duke needed to go out at 1:45 a.m.   Recent health issues have made him very thirsty, and he has trouble getting up and down stairs so I decided to keep him down stairs in the kitchen – near the water dish – and the back door.  I slept on the couch.

Shortly before waking this morning, I dreamed I was staying at the home of a grown-up John-John.  I was sleeping on a fold-out couch/bed.  Their kid (my grandchild) was trying to wake me up.  She – I believe it was a girl – was jumping up and down on me to roust me.  When I awoke, Roscoe our cat was sitting on my chest licking my face.


Helen Crosson said…
Too funny!!

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