Down But Not Out

In recent weeks, I’ve started a number of posts – all of them petering out after a few sentences.  Seeing as how I’ll probably never finish them let me post them now.   

On the other hand, maybe I should use Twitter.  Then instead of stretching these snippets into posts I’d face the opposite challenge – shortening each to 140 characters.

October 28:  

  • Feel like I’m coming down with a cold – felt it out running some – like last time I got sick – last day I ran?  Need to keep better track.

November 6 – Election Day – Several items made the list:  

  • NYC Marathon – it was canceled?  How did I miss that?
  • I’ve got the early November blues.  When we turn back the clocks, forcing nighttime to eat into what little daylight we have, I go down.
  • Related?  I’ve been messing around with heart issues since June when I first went to the doctor reporting dizziness.  That turned out to be Atrial Tachycardia – not a big deal.  The visit with the Cardiologist also resulted in me being prescribed a Statin drug (Simvastatin) to deal with my cholesterol.  I’d been avoiding visiting the recommended Cardiologist, and getting inevitable prescription, but the dizzy spells forced the issue.  It’s all about getting the LDL down, the other numbers are OK.  First Statin – side effects.  New Statin – Pravastatin – started on Saturday night and am I already feeling side effects – muscle achiness in legs – and left forearm (especially last night).
November 7:  

  • Yesterday’s election results renewed my faith in politics.
November 12:  

  • It was a dark and stormy night . . . [Just kidding]


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