The Gift Tree - It's Tyleresque

Mark your calendars for the early December performances of The Gift Tree, a new original work by Tyler Olsen, music by Eric Barnum.  For the first time, all three of us (Maria, John, and I ) will not be in the play; it’s only John and I this time.  

We auditioned Tuesday night, and were excited to both receive “call-backs” for Wednesday night.  The call-backs consisted of 2 and ½ hours of reading various parts in small groups, and some singing ensemble and solo.  I had to sing two solos myself – not my strongest suit.  That was a first for me.    

The play is what our family calls Tyleresque – or Tyler-like – named after the playwright.  Tyleresque means it’s a bit zany, off-the-wall, and full of opportunities for really stretching your character.  It includes some physical comedy, a few gross jokes – yet has a touching story line – a good message, without being preachy.

Now we await word on casting - cross your fingers!


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