Pike Island

Following up on our recent Dakota Conflict trip, last Sunday, John and I visited Pike Island at the confluence of the Minnesota and Mississippi Rivers.

There's a nice sandy point where the two rivers come together:  the Minnesota on the right (south); the Mississippi on the left (north).  To orient things a bit, the bridge off in the distance is the 35E bridge over the Mississippi.

It was on (or near) Pike Island, directly below Ft. Snelling, that some 1600 Dakota men, women, and children were imprisoned following the war.  I say "on or near" the island because the historical record is a bit confusing.

Many refer to the island itself as the site of the internment camp - or concentration camp.  But after viewing the Fort and its interpretive signs, I think the actual site of the camp was up near the Fort itself.  This page on Minnesota Historical Society web site refers to the camp as being "below" the fort.

The Mississippi River - I believe that's the Crosby Farm Regional  Park.

Pike Island itself is rather large - and this is the first time I've hiked around the "long" trail that circles the island.  Some sources say the path is 4 miles, but most put the distance at a convenient 5 km.  Either way, the hike around the island along with the up/down to the Fort made for quite a nice walk.

We had a great time exploring the river bank, enjoying one of the last days of "summer".

John discovered this hear-shaped rock along the river's beach and traced the larger heart with a stick, before we both snapped a few photos.


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