Whew - That Wasn't Easy

Spent the better part of half-hour trying to find this picture on the Mac. I know Macs are supposed to be easy, but I spend almost 14 hours a day on a PC - and I'm on vacation without my PC so I'm stumbling along on the Mac. Too bad the kids (and everyone else) is still sleeping - they could have figured this out in no time.

Anyway - grumbling aside - here's a shot from Tuesday's hike in Palm Canyon. It was a fairly easy hike - but a bit long for a five year old so my the "other" Uncle John had to carry him on his shoulders from time-to-time. That's them up ahead on the right.

The nephew turned 6 yesterday - maybe we won't have to carry him next time!

In the meantime - while I cursed Steve Jobs trying to find this darn picture - the sun's come up. It looks like another gorgeous day in Palm Springs. Time to hit the pool.


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