This Land is Your Land

In the “old days” my children provided much inspiration for blog posts – what with all their cute sayings and awkward questions. Today, the conversations are less cute but just as interesting. On the way to school today, the Dude and I discussed immigration policy.

His Humanities class is reading First Crossings: Stories about Teen Immigrants, edited by Donald Galloa. During class discussion yesterday, the Dude suggested we look at the world as the larger continents, rather than as smaller countries. He figured that if everyone were a citizen of their continent rather than their nation-state, it would reduce conflict about immigration.

I was quick to reference the recent experience in Europe and their problems with the Euro-zone and a common currency.

We also talked about the obvious irony of a “nation of immigrants” taking steps to keep out future immigrants. We also touched on the fact that while many say we should be tough on illegal immigrants, they also benefit from an economy where many of our goods and services are provided by illegals.

The world – it’s a complicated place. Certainly more complicated than can be worked out during a 10 minute car ride.


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