September Wrap Up

Duke observes early falling leaves in late September.

It's been a poor month for blogging. In order to finish on something of a high note, I thought I'd conclude with a list of items that I could have (should have) posted on this month but was too busy or otherwise distracted to post. Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I've thrown in some pictures to help move things along.

Back to School - The Dude started 6th Grade, Maria started 9th/High School

Maria was cast as Hope Cladwell in her Roseville Area High School's production of Urinetown. It’s a great opportunity for her – and a bit overwhelming (at least it seems that way to the parents).

Fall - my favorite season.

Finally, given that it is Friday, and I do love my oldies - here's the Easybeats performing Friday on My Mind. Heard this one many times over the years on oldies stations but never seen the group - much less heard/seen them live. Quite the energetic lead singer - dig that crazy shiny shirt. [Hat tip, Maverick Philosopher.]

Let's hope for a better-blogging October.


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