One of Her Favorite Sweaters!

I’ve ordered a few items from Lands’ End Canvas Store – the newer, hipper Lands’ End where all the models are under 30, the women ridiculously thin, and all the men have designer stubble. In addition to the obvious reason – I’m chasing my lost youth – I do like their clothes. Their stuff tends to fit my “youthful” (aka skinny) body better than other adult clothing. Over the past year, I’ve ordered two pairs of pants, one shirt, a sweater, and a jacket. I’ve been satisfied with all the items.

One of the more interesting elements of the Land’s End Canvas shopping experience is the follow-up thank you card. They appear to be hand-written – and I think they actually are – though I’m not up on all the latest technology so feel free to prove me wrong. What’s fascinating about them is the rather personal tone. I received one several months ago when I bought a jacket. The note read as if the writer had been following me around spying on me. She really liked that jacket!

When I read the note out loud to the kids, 13 year old Maria said, “Eww, stalker!”

It does feel that way. But then again – at 48 – to think some nice young woman is admiring my clothing purchases – well you take what you can get!

Here’s a note I received yesterday after ordering a sweater. OMG – it’s one of her favorites! Really. Oh – I have to admit; it does layer well!


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