Major Update

I realize that the Hobbled Runner is not your source for breaking news, but I’ve been negligent in blogging about Major.

Brief background - Major a K-9 member of the Roseville Police Department is partnered with Officer John Jorgensen. John is married to my cousin. News of Major's injury in the line of duty were big news for a while. Now I mostly rely on my Mom for updates.

From Mom I've learned that Major’s out of the hospital and home with my cousin’s family. It looks like he will not walk again. My mom reports there is some talk of using him as a therapy dog which would be great.

Despite his injuries I’m glad to see Major is up and around – testifying yesterday at the Legislature in favor of making the injury of a police dog a felony.

[Photo: MPR]

As reported by MPR:

Major can no longer stand on his own and will be officially retired from service next month.

"He was effectively killed as a police dog," Jorgensen told lawmakers.

The measure passed the House Public Safety and Crime Prevention Committee and now heads to the Judiciary Committee.


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