What is Vacation?

Never again will I be caught in December with 150 hours of vacation. Company rules only allow me to carry 40 hours over into the New Year. I’m taking it as fast as I can, but I suspect I'll "lose" some before the year runs out. I still need to work and I find that “vacation” just means not being physically in the office, but responding to emails via BlackBerry anyway.

I started this year with 40 hours carried over from 2009, but given my senior status, it seems I get more vacation that I can actually use. Looking back the only real vacation I took was the week in Maine last August and a day or two throughout the year.

I plan to take the last two weeks of December off – but that seems a bit irresponsible to my products so I will probably monitor and respond to email anyway.

Why do they give you vacation anyway when you really never get away?


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