No Further!

The Dude and I are at the cabin this weekend. Shana and M, and 7 other Girl Scouts (and one additional adult) are up at the North Shore. I need to clear my mind so I was looking forward to the long walks I "knew" Duke and I would take.

For some reason, Duke will not take a long walk. We can putter around the cabin, but any attempt to go more than the equivalent of a city block are met with resistance, as in the photo above.

So it's back to the cabin where Duke is now pacing. He will pace until it's time to nap the day away before waking up in the late afternoon for the pre and post-dinner pacing. Ah - the quality of life that dog enjoys.

Here's another photo that I snapped yesterday morning as the fog was lifting. Today we have clouds and the threat of rain.


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