Since Last We Met

Things I’ve done since last post:

1. Finally left my desk for lunch. See picture above.

2. Began Oliver! rehearsals

3. Marched in my first ever parade

4. Arrived very late to a work-sponsored “team” outing – Twins game at Target Field (my first time ever there) – we left minutes after I sat down. It was too hot in the sun (I hope we don't miss the Dome already?).

5. Hired someone to help me dig out from under my ridiculous workload

6. Made peace with the fact that this new (OK I started in January) role means lots of email – most of it I should read but don’t. As of this moment, 1178 items in “In Box”, 391 unopened. [Secret: if you call me on the telephone – and I’m not in a meeting – I will answer your question in about 30 seconds. Even if I’m in a meeting I usually call you back when I return. But if you insist on emails, go ahead, you will be #392.]


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