Cabin Day

The Dude and I decided to take a quick trip to the cabin this weekend - just the guys. At first I wasn't sure I wanted to go - but when Shana offered to keep Duke at home - well, the thought of two nights of uninterrupted sleep sealed the deal.

We left town in a torrential rain - with tornadoes to the south of the Twin Cities, and flash flooding all around. We got to the cabin in one piece - but not until 10:30 p.m.

Saturday morning dawned damp and cool. Both the Dude and I slept in - 8:15 !! Grandma-ma had already left the cabin for the farm where they were holding the big two-day sale. After putzing around the cabin for a few hours - we ventured up to the farm. We shopped around - but resisted the temptation to purchase any treasures - but the nutcracker - well - almost.

Then it was off to Vergas for lunch - mmmm homemade apple pie - and shopping.

Later in the afternoon, we walked up to the farm to help with post-sale clean-up. After putting the unsold treasures away, the Dude and cousin Bella walked back to the cabin. (I hitched a ride with Grandma-ma). We finished the evening with some swimming and an interesting dinner - a combination of smoked salmon and hot dogs - very delicious.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like it was rewarding after all. God Bless!

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