Who’s Next?

[Memorial tree with post and plaque.]

I’ve posted about the walking path where I work. One unique feature is are the trees planted in memory of former West employees – some retirees, but usually someone who has died while working for the company. I’ve never counted this gallery of trees but I suspect there are about 20 trees at present, and the number continues to grow.

The common practice is to plant a tree, install a post in front of the tree a day or two later, and then a plaque is fastened to the post within days. The plaque has the worker’s name, sometimes the dates of service to the company, and often a personal message. Sometimes there is a small ceremony. I’ve never been invited to a ceremony, but I’ve seen them – usually a small group of co-workers gathers at the site, someone says a few words, pictures are taken, then back to work.

[Memorial tree with post but no plaque.]

This latest addition to the gallery of memorial trees is disconcerting. They planted the tree, installed the post – and now nothing. It’s been almost a month, maybe more. What are they waiting for? Where’s the plaque with the name and dates. Maybe the question is, “Who are they waiting for?” Who’s next?


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