The Week That Was

[I’ve been adding to my walking path collection. Can you spot the two deer in Tuesday’s photo?]

I’m still here; I haven’t gone away. It seems that most of my blog absences occur during times of stress. During ordinary busy times I usually find time (and want to find the time) to post. It’s only during the busy and stressful times that my blogging juices run dry. The past few days has been one of those periods.

We are in the midst of one of the Dude’s down periods, resulting in some school issues and some stress around home. Add to that, school work, choirs, lessons, etc, a very busy social calendar.

Here’s a run-down of the past few days:

Friday, December 5: School/Work; M and Hobbled Wife are off to a birthday party in the evening. Dog has seizure – a big one – right before we were going to retire for the evening. Now he’s in his post-seizure period and is very hyper, hungry, and won’t settle down. He barks at us when we try to put him in his kennel. The kennel is a nightly routine, and if he is tired enough, he will often go upstairs to the kennel himself. His barking is keeping everyone awake, so the Hobbled Wife volunteers to go entertain him for an hour while he unwinds.

Saturday, December 6: After late night, I’m up early since dog wakes up the same time 7 days a week. Look forward to nap later – it never comes. M has extra long Opera Choir practice followed by performance at the Galleria at 3:00. After dinner, M is off to another birthday party – not to return until 10:30.

Sunday, December 7: After another late night, we are up early for Church Choir in the AM. Afternoon starts with great brunch by yours truly, but M has lots of homework, then water backs up in basement, and THEN the dog has another big seizure. But wait, didn’t we say we were going to purchase a Christmas tree?

The Hobbled Wife stays with the dog – he’s too crazy to leave home alone in post-seizure mode – and the rest of us are off to secure the tree. On the way to the Christmas tree lot, M breaks down crying. She was with the dog when his seizure started and it freaked her out. She’s crying, saying how she hates the dog. The Dude comes to the dog’s defense, M hits the Dude. By the time we’ve driven 1 mile to the tree lot, both kids are sniffling and NOT in the mood to shop for trees. Ho – ho – ho. We agree to try a different tree lot. That seems to do the trick – new venue, new moods. We secure a nice tree and head for home.

Monday, December 8: Stay home to await Roto Rooter man. He ended up removing so many tree roots from the line (I regret not snapping a picture) that it looked like someone had shaved a gorilla and left a pile of coarse black hair on the basement floor. It filled half a large sized garbage bag. Yuck! Apparently given the nature of our trees it would be good idea to have the line cleaned every 2 years – to be on the safe side. Now they tell me!

Tuesday, December 9: Things are looking up. The Dude is not is at school, but Grandmama and Boppa come to hang out with him. His teacher has emailed assignments for the week so we’ve got real work to do. Later that afternoon, the Hobbled Wife takes the Dude to school to pick up a math book. Good talk with the teacher – Dude may be ready to return tomorrow. Oh – then piano lessons for both and speed skating for the Dude. M and Hobbled Wife head out to Ordway to see Irving Berlin’s White Christmas – a late night, but lots of seasonal fun.

Wednesday, December 10: Great news – the Dude goes to school. M has choir practice after school and I (finally) finish cleaning up laundry room after drain incident and Roto-Rooter visit. I’m feeling crappy, I guess I am catching a cold after all.

Thursday, December 11: – Dog has “small” seizure early AM and I have to wake the Hobbled Wife to assist – never a good idea to get her out of bed before she really needs to. More good news – Dude goes to school. Looking forward to speed skating tonight and dance for M.


amy said…
ugh...this post exhausted me just reading it. Hope you have a better week next week

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