That New Crazy Sound

Busy week. I flew to Rochester, NY on Sunday, returning late Tuesday afternoon. The Hobbled Wife flew to Montreal (via American - ha!) on Wednesday morning. She returned this afternoon. Phew! I'm pretty good with single parenting - but no one ever wants to practice their music lessons unless Mom is bearing down on them. Haven't had any discretionary computer time until now - so finally blogging.

Yesterday the Dude and I left the house at 9:00 for a birthday party, then had a short break before party #2. We returned home - finally - at 6:00. Crazy - worse than work! Between parties, the Dude and I had lunch with H and managed to come away with an old turntable owned by one of you - we think Uncle J??

The kids are fascinated by the turntable - and some of the records we borrowed like a single from the Monkees (Hey-Hey-We're-the-Monkees and Daydream-Believer) and the Go-Gos first album. Comment after the single played through the first time, "Hey, it shut off. That's it?"

Yep - that's it.


amy said…
Haha! Looks like G'ma was cleaning out another room recently. I think that was Hobbled Wife's turntable?
John said…
I remember those records. Alfred Hitchcock was scary.

Amy is right. That was Hobbled Wife's turntable. I had a nice Panasonic such as this one currently offered up on Craigslist:
Suefunky said…
Not just ANY Panasonic turntable, a VINTAGE turntable. Wow. This is making me feel old. I am quite sure there are similar vintage treasure in the house on Larkspur too! So glad the kids find them entertaining.
crossons said…
I find it very scary that I couldn't remember if this was MY "stereo" or John's. At least I knew we both had one. What happened to you, Ames?

I took this thing to college my freshman year....

There are some very funky records in the set. I do not remember the Ghost Stories (but have heard it now!) but the GoGos - now that I remember!

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