At Least I Have My Health

Thank God It's Friday!

Started the day off by cutting myself shaving - twice! - something I never do - even once.  

When I got to the office, I had barely settled in when a colleague stopped by to ask several questions that I had to answer - without coffee!  

Next, I walked across this sprawling complex of a building to my 9:00 meeting.  What do you know - I’m the first attendee.  I sat in the conference room alone for a few minutes but no one else showed up.  I checked the meeting notice on my phone.  Yes, it was the right room, but the host had recently added a WebEx option to the meeting so of course everyone was back at their desks logging into the meeting. Since I didn’t have a computer and didn’t want to “watch” the meeting on my phone in a conference room by myself - I trudged back to my desk and “arrived” at the meeting at 9:12.   

The good news?  As of 9:30 AM, I have 1920 steps (0.8 miles) and 7 flights.  


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