Waiting for the Coffee to Brew

Quiet morning on West McDonald.  One of the first regular weekday get-aways to the cabin and I’m reminded how quiet it is up here most of the time.   Standing on the dock while waiting for the coffee to brew you can hear cows mooing – and I think they are at least a mile to the north of here.

What’s the best way to start the day to get into the right frame of mind – yoga or writing (or both)?   At home, I’ve begun doing yoga again.  It is part of my effort to de-stress.  Yoga is a great way to wake up, and energizes me for the day ahead.  It also helps start the day with deep breathing – something I then remember to do later in the day when the crap hits the fan. 

But here in the quiet of an early cabin morning, yoga seems too much.  I don’t want to disturb the slumbering guests (all Langager/Crosson women who NEED to sleep).  I have taken to writing, something I do throughout the day in fits and spurts.  Writing also calms me.  I just remembered to take a deep breath in – and let it out (something I forget to do occasionally). 

Great night’s sleep after yesterday’s adventure.  On Monday, Shana and I ventured out for our second day of hiking.   We logged about six (6) miles of hiking in Maplewood State Park.  The park is beautiful, situated where the prairie meets the deciduous forest.  One minute you are walking through prairie, and then you are climbing a big hill in the forest the next.  This park has some real elevation!  At least what passes for elevation in Minnesota, with some hills reaching almost 1600 feet.  


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