Walking and Talking

The company promotes wellness.  That’s a good thing.  They offer onsite exercise classes, access to showers, and nicely maintained walking paths on the campus.  They also post maps of walking routes indoors – for those who don’t want to go outside in Minnesota winters (or summers), or those who feel they don’t have enough time to leave the building.

One route seems to take people right by my cube.  Here’s one (of many) reason not to do your exercise walk in the building:  Walking is exercise, and depending on your level of fitness, you may become winded.  Walking is social; many people walk with friends and colleagues. 

Walking encourages talking – it really helps free up the mind and ideas flow.  Walking and talking with colleagues while winded leads to loud conversations – some of which you might not want to share with your co-workers.   Many is the day when I want to hop up from cube and follow the walking talkers who just went by – I gotta know what happens next.


amy said…
Hey John! Thinking of resurrecting my blog! I see you post sometimes, too!

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