My Other Morning Routine

Yikes another obituary gets my attention today.  Dale Strom – longtime Richfield social studies teacher.  

I say, “Yikes” because they’re dropping like flies.  Yesterday I attended the funeral of an old family friend.  The week before Shana attended the funeral of a father of a close childhood friend; the same friend whose wedding Shana and I met at.

I discovered these three recent deaths by reading the obituaries, a habit I’ve taken up with gusto.  Prior to my mom’s death in January 2013, I relied on her as the source of death news.  She never missed one, and would often call me if she thought I might have an interest a recent death. 

Now the torch has passed to a new generation, and I’m doing my best to keep up the tradition.  I still start each day reading the comics, and I read every last one of them.  But after the comics it’s the obituaries, looking for an interesting story – or more recently a friend or loved one.


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