Bony Shoulder Post

There will be no photo with this post.  No picture of the weird bony protrusion from my right shoulder.  The one picture I snapped to share with my medical relatives looked kind of gross.  I ended up deleting it.
Picture or not – I’ve got shoulder troubles.  (Yes, I need to call the doctor back and see about a referral to physical therapy.)  

So, thinking about my shoulder – I was interested to read today’s StarTribune article about neck strain.  Perhaps that’s the source of some (all?) of my trouble. 

"Marked by a stiff neck, knots in the shoulders and headaches, the malady arises when the head is pushed forward away from the body’s center. The unnatural posture strains muscles in the neck and chest area. Left unchecked, this constant scrunching of the upper body increases the risk of pinched nerves, bone spurs and degenerative disk disease, doctors say. It could even lead to a Quasimodo-like profile much earlier in life."


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