Monday, April 23, 2012

The Roseville - Opera Connection

Here's something I wrote (with the help of many others) for the Roseville Patch.
Who knew so many Roseville Area High School (RAHS) kids were interested in opera? Eleven of the 65 members of Project Opera’s two choirs hail from the Roseville area, either living in Roseville and/or attending the Roseville area schools. Nine attend RAHS.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Coming Up for Air

Look up and take a deep breath - the crab-apple tree over our driveway.

As usual, my current funk keeps me from blogging. Too busy, feeling too uncreative, etc. Poor excuses I'm sure, but they are the only ones I have and I'm sticking to them.

Shana was traveling for work today - meaning a day trip to Little Falls, MN. I took the afternoon off to drive kids to the various after-school activities. I enjoyed about 50 minutes of bliss before the first email came that I had to respond to. After that, I almost ran my Blackberry battery down to nothing as I enjoyed my time "away" from work.

One moment of levity came during the 30 minutes I had at home - most of which was spent soaking up sun on the front steps whilst responding to email. Duke was resting on the lawn and Patches the cat was outside with me trying to catch a butterfuly that was flying around our heads. Patches was on the planter that borders the step, the butterfly came by. Up went Patches (she really has a great vertical leap), but then down went Patches - tumbling some 4 feet to land beside the steps on the rolled up garden hose. I didn't see it myself, but it sure didn't "sound" like she landed on her feet. Some cat!

While enjoying the sun, I laughed out loud as I accepted a recurring conference call meeting - every Thursday at 6:30 AM. It's a "management" type meeting - only a select few are invited so I should feel special. Let's see how special I feel on the 6:30 AM conference call.

Monday, April 09, 2012

Palm Springs Hiking

[The Dude stopping to rest about half-way up.]

Stumbled across these two pictures from a short, but difficult hike the Dude and I took while in Palm Springs. Not sure why I didn't post earlier - but here you go.

This is the Palm Springs Museum Trail. It was difficult but short enough (1.5 miles) to be fun. It helped to have both hands free for scrambling over rocks in difficult parts. A few times we kind of lost the trail, but after attempting a few wrong turns, found our way up.

Thursday, April 05, 2012

Hey You!

The facilities people are concerned about folks cutting across the grass. Notice the worn path. It's the shortcut taken by smokers on their way out of the D-Building on the way to the smoking shelter at the C-Building.

Putting things in context - here's a photo from same day last year. Note the snow on the ground. This year folks are already mowing - and worrying about people walking over their grass.