Forget About It!

I don't fear the onset of dementia, but I've been very forgetful this week.  Here are two examples:

Monday morning I jot down this note before leaving home: 

The first part makes sense, but I have no idea what the second note means.  "San:  Move/More up, 9 - 10 (inches?)".  I've been pondering it all week.  I recall standing by the kitchen sink and using the counter as my desk-top as I jotted it down.  Still have absolutely no clue. 

Wednesday, I make this note at work:

The first two items - no problem.  Look, I've already checked #2 off the list!  But as for #3, "Nut W & W".  I have no idea what that means.

As I said, I don't fear dementia.  It's probably just stress.  While visiting the dentist week he commented that I seem to be clenching my jaw (again).  He could tell by the indentations on the sides of my tongue - apparently it's grooved to my teeth.  Grrrr!

Well, I'll be sure to post if I ever remember what those notes are about.  Don't worry; I won't forget.  I wrote a note to myself!


Helen Crosson said…
Don't worry John, I have done the same thing and I don't have dementia, I'm just old!

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