What - No Mustache Deal !?!

Oh No! – The Christmas cards are arriving. In one card someone even mentioned how much they enjoy keeping up on family events via the blog – Oh the pressure! I guess I’d better post something for Martha.

This is my least productive time of the year. The shortened days and lack of sunshine sap my energy. My creative juices seem to dry up. Rather than a long inspired blog post, here are some random thoughts:

Just because I’m lacking energy, doesn’t mean I’m a humbug. We did a little famly holiday activity Sunday, attending the Rosetown Playhouse production of Santa Claus. It was a blast, and many of the folks from Music Man were in the cast – which was both good and bad. Good – because it was fun to see them in action, and great them after the show. Bad – because we kept thinking how much fun we would have had in the show, had we tried out (and got in) ourselves.

We loved the show – the Dude insists on attending a performance next weekend as well!

Funny thing - the opening weekend of the show featured a special "mustache deal". If you appeared at the show with a mustache (real or fake) you got $3 off the ticket price. (Mustaches - and beards - feature prominently in the story.) It was a fun deal, and the entire Hobbled Family was all faked out in mustaches! This morning (Monday - first day back at work after a weekend of no shaving) I thought - what the heck, I'll let it grow for a week and see what happens - I can go to another show next week and save another $3. Imagine my surprise when I realized the mustache deal was only for the opening weekend. Oh well, at least my face is kind of warm. [See above photo.]

We learned that next summer they are staging Oliver – that’s got us excited.

After the show we purchased our Christmas tree. It is now in the family room covered in lights. We are waiting for next Friday’s pizza night to decorate with all the trimmings. [I know, it sounds like we have this holiday thing all nailed down – with a decorating schedule and all. Hah! I’ve just barely started the Christmas letter, and only have two gifts. Oh well, there’s plenty of time.]

In an effort to energize, I stepped out into the bleak mid-winter (or early winter) for a quick walk after lunch. It was “cool”, 23F and windy – yikes! It’s a long way to April.


Martha said…
Talk about pressure - now I guess I'd better comment once in awhile so you know I'm reading! I still haven't quite recovered from the story of Duke's bedroom accident and your need to clean the walls. Better you than me, that's all I can say!! Is he still sleeping in the bedroom? Inquiring minds want to know... On an unrelated note, enjoy the Christmas season and good luck with the decorating! Nothing like 18 inches of snow (like we got in the last two days) to make things look Christmasy. Martha

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