Taste of Summer

You know it's warm in MN when they close down neighborhood skating rinks. That's what we encountered Saturday afternoon when we arrived at Groveland Park for a skating party with the Dude's classmates. 46F and sunny is a big extreme for January in MN, and there were puddles on the ice. Too bad.

We were able to find some quality ice time Saturday morning at the Roseville Oval where the Dude skated in his first ever speed skating race. Three races - second to last in all. Didn't phase him - though they only gave ribbons for places 1 - 4 and the Pony Boys (age 8 - 9) had about 10 skaters in each heat.

This picture is from the Winter Carnival snow sculpture event at the Fair Grounds. The works were melting right and left when we arrived in mid afternoon. The "highlight" from a spectator point of view occurred while we were viewing The Hand (a 10 foot high fist with thumb up - picture The Fonz). While we stood admiring the sculpture, the entire thumb just dropped off.


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